Silver Cross Hospital/Silver Cross EMS System is an American Heart Association (AHA) Training Center (TC)

Effective February 22, 2021, Julie O’Rourke is our new American Heart Training Center (AHA TC) Coordinator. JO’Rourke@silvercross.org 815-300-7589

Every instructor affiliated with the Silver Cross Hospital Training Center must complete and submit a new AHA Instructor Demographic Form by April 1, 2021 or risk being removed from the Silver Cross Training Center.

If you need a replacement CPR, ACLS, or PALS card because your’s was not received, lost or stolen,
you must call the place where you took the class to obtain the instructor’s information.

The instructor of the course is responsible for issuing cards, but may charge a replacement CARD fee.

AHA has extended expiration dates 120 days due to COVID-19. See the attached AHA card extension document 3-2020. Classes have resumed so please renew your expired cards.

As of January 31, 2019, American Heart Association requires the use of an instrumented directive feedback device or manikin in all AHA courses that teach the skills of adult CPR. Specifically, an instrumented directive feedback device or manikin is one that, at minimum, provides audio or visual (or both) feedback on the rate and depth of compressions during adult CPR training.   This requirement impacts BLS, ACLS, as well as  ACLS for Experienced Providers and Heartsaver courses.

Visit AHAINSTRUCTORNETWORK.ORG – Login then GO TO ADDITIONAL TOOLS and you will find:    eCards & My Courses Tools

The AHA’s eCards tool is available for ALL INSTRUCTORS. They have redesigned the tool and added ways to make the process a more functional as well as efficient way to manage your eCards. Be sure to use these resources as well as the AHA Instructor Network by calling 1-877-242-4277. 

If you are already an AHA Instructor and would like to affiliate with Silver Cross TC please contact Julie O’Rourke for authorization then print and complete this affiliation paperwork. You will need to mail it to Silver Cross EMS with the affiliation fee of $30 payable to Silver Cross Hospital – EMS. Click the AHA Instructor Network link below and log into your already created account that you would have set up in order to get your original instructor ID and where you should be visiting to print your AHA course paperwork. NEVER CREATE A DUPLICATE ACCOUNT as this creates a new Instructor ID, and you are only allowed 1 instructor ID with AHA.

Click here for the AHA Instructor Network link.

An AHA eCard is the electronic equivalent of a printed course completion card and can be provided to students as an alternative to a printed card. eCards are valid course completion cards and can be presented to employers as proof of successful completion of an AHA course. Like printed cards, eCards also expire two years from the issue date.
AHA eCards are more secure than printed cards. A three-point verification by the TCC, Instructor and student, is required to issue and claim eCards. eCard information is populated electronically by the TCC or Instructor and can only be altered by the TCC or AHA Customer Service by using AHA’s My Cards™. ECards can be easily verified by employers at www.heart.org/cpr/mycards to prove issuance by a valid TC and Instructor aligned with that TC.
eCards are optional. are optional. Each TC will determine whether they distribute eCards or the physical course completion cards. Only one of the two will be issued per participant.
An AHA eCard can be printed by the student or Instructor, if necessary. TCCs and TC Admins may view a student’s eCard through the edit eCard link in My Cards.

Instructors, students, and employers may view a student’s eCard using the eCards validation tool at www.heart.org/cpr/mycards.

After a student claims an eCard, the student’s AHA TCC/TC Admin or the AHA Customer Support Center is able to make edits to the course date, the Instructor name, and the student’s name or email address. Students who have been assigned/emailed an eCard will receive an email inviting them to claim their eCard online. From the email, students will click on a hyperlink to view their eCard. This hyperlink will direct students to the Student Profile webpage. On the Student Profile page, students confirm or edit their contact information; set up a security question and answer that will be used to access their individual eCard Profile in the future; and agree to the AHA’s standard Terms of Use. Students are then asked to complete a brief six-question survey about their class experience. Once the student survey has been completed, students will see their individual eCard.

eCards are limited to only provider-level course completion cards. There is no plan to create an Instructor ecard at this time.