This page is designed to assist SCEMSS ECRNs with LICENSE RENEWAL, SYSTEM ENTRY, and ECRN COURSES. ECRN RENEWAL information is toward the bottom of this page.

IDPH has an online license verification site that may be accessed by anyone to verify ECRN and EMS licenses: IDPH online EMS license verification link.

If you work for Silver Cross Hospital ER and would like to become an ECRN please select a course and complete this ECRN COURSE APPLICATION with your ER Manager’s signature. Email the completed ECRN COURSE APPLICATION with a copy of BLS CPR, ACLS, PALS, and either TNS, TNCC or PHTLS cards/certs to

Sample ECRN Candidate Letter
– Visit the SMO page on this website to study the Region 7 SMOs
ALS SMO Study Guide
Sample ECRN Practice Sheet

Once you’ve completed the Region 7 ECRN course you must, within 90 days, submit the following items  to

1. Telemetry Radio Call Log Form
2. Ride Time Verification Form
3. IDPH Personal History/Renewal Notice Blank Form
4. Copy of current ACLS, PALS, and either TNS, TNCC or PHTLS Cards if not previously done with course application.
5. The System will submit your paperwork electronically to IDPH. Within about 2-4 weeks IDPH will generate your licensure instruction email with your unique PIN # instructing you to log into IDPH online to pay your $55 license fee so your license will be issued. IF YOU DO NOT PAY THEN YOU WILL NOT BE LICENSED. Once you have your IDPH emailed PIN and instructions for payment click here: IDPH Fee Payment to pay your fee.
6. Once you have paid your fee online, wait about 10 minutes then click on the “IDPH LICENSE LOOK-UP link on the top of this page to view your IDPH license.
7. The last step to start working as an ECRN is to be entered into an EMS System through your hospital employer.
>Silver Cross ECRNs should provide a copy of their ECRN license to either their ER Manager or Assistant Manager.

If you’re already a licensed ECRN but new to Silver Cross ER, you must do the following to enter the SCEMSS System and answer the radio:
1. Complete this ECRN Registration form with your ER Manager’s signature.
2. Attach clear and legible copies of your current ECRN license, ACLS, PLUS one of the following trauma certs: TNS/TNCC/PHTLS/BTLS.
3. Provide verification that you’ve successfully completed the current 2022 Region 7 ALS SMO exam. The SMO exam may have been done at a previous Region 7 System in which case the ECRN must provide that verification in writing. If not then the ECRN must create a SCEMSS Moodle account ASAP and complete the January and February 2022 Moodle months title Region 7 ALS SMO exam. Every ECRN in Region 7 is required to complete the 2022 REGION 7 ALS SMO EXAM. Visit the Moodle CE Program page for a link to our Moodle CE site and instructions on creating a site.
– Email the above 3 items to
Please note that no ECRN System Entry Application will be processed until all of the above items are complete.

IDPH license renewal is a 2 part process. The first part is completing System CE requirements so the System can process your CE with IDPH. The second part is paying your fee directly to IDPH.

PART 1 (SYSTEM CE REQUIREMENTS): To complete the first part of your renewal you must complete the System’s CE requirements:
– ALWAYS ensure your EMS System has your current email and mailing address.
– ALWAYS keep copies of your CE for your own records. (As your license is ultimately your responsibility.)
– ALWAYS keep up on your Moodle CE completing ALS/RN/Paramedic CE ONLY. If you don’t have a Moodle account, use the INSTRUCTIONS emailed to you when you joined the System. The System registers new members for a Moodle account and emails instructions.
– NEVER wait till the last minute as you may incur an additional $50 late fee.
– NEVER create a second Moodle account. If you need help with your Moodle password, email for a password reset.

Click here to for the CE site.

To CREATE your Moodle Account if you don’t already have one please refer to the System entry email you received at time of licensure or at the time you joined the System.  If you cannot locate that email, then email for assistance.
– Log-in with your set username and password.
– Click SCEMSS Monthly CE – EMT, Paramedic, PHRN, ECRN and begin.

PART 2 (IDPH REQUIREMENT): To complete the second part of your renewal with IDPH please note:
– IDPH mails out RENEWAL NOTICES with a PIN number 60-90 days prior to renewal. If you do NOT receive this notice, your PIN and IDPH license number are in the renewal letter emailed from the System. You must have this information to renew your license.
Pay your license fee online at the IDPH WEBSITE to avoid delays caused by mailing in check payments.
– When renewing online with IDPH you will be asked to enter OUR “System Number Code” of 0710. This number is different than your individual PIN number.
– If asked for your TNS training hospital list Saint Joseph’s Joliet as Leslie Livett at Saint Joes processes those renewals for the System’s Silver Cross and Saint Joes ER ECRNs.
– Complete the Child Support and Felony conviction statements. Anyone convicted of a felony or delinquent on child support may not be able to complete their renewal online and may need to contact IDPH if directed to do so.
– Once both CE and payment are processed you will receive your renewed ECRN license in the mail in about 2 weeks.

IDPH has their own website. The IDPH WEBSITE must be used to access IDPH information and forms for licensing and renewals. IDPH will not accept old forms so be sure you are using the most current forms from this site.

Your IDPH license is a legal document and should match your legal name on your driver’s license. An individual can change their name with IDPH by emailing their EMS System a copy of their marriage license, divorce decree (front page and name change page only), or court order. The System files the appropriate paperwork with IDPH. It costs nothing to change your name unless you want a duplicate license mailed out. See next paragraph.

A duplicate license request may be necessary if your license has been lost or stolen or for a name change. The $10 is only necessary if the individual needs a new copy of their license now. A duplicate license may be requested through this IDPH website link.

SCEMSS Forms and Policies relating to CE & LICENSURE

ECRN Policy 200-12 with Course Application, Ride Time and Radio Log Form, ECRN System Entry & Renewal Information Summary

Mandatory CE Policy 200-20

Methods of CE Submission Policy 200-8
Acceptable CE and Validation Standards Policy 200-16
Blank CME Form (Log Sheet) CE Sheet to log hours

After reviewing the above you may contact the SCEMSS Operations Coordinator for additional information or assistance with ECRN licensure or renewals.

For information as an Independent ECRN (not actively working in an ER) contact IDPH at 217-785-2080 or to obtain your IDPH Regional Coordinator’s contact information.