Welcome to the EMD page for Silver Cross EMS System EMDs. Here you will find Initial Education and Licensure information as well as EMD License Renewal information including the link to our Moodle CE site.


IDPH has an online EMS license verification site that may be accessed by anyone to verify EMS licenses: IDPH online EMS license verification link.

IDPH and SCEMSS approves the use of PowerPhone and APCO online learning systems to educate EMDs. These online sites allow students to learn at their own pace while in their own dispatch centers. An EMD center may use one of the above learning systems to educate their EMDs or may choose to host their own classes with a qualified EMD Lead Instructor.

Once an EMD applicant completes a course the below items must be sent to the SCEMSS Operations Coordinator for licensing:
1. A copy of their Certificate of Completion
2. A completed IDPH “EMS Personal History Statement” form printable from IDPH’s website
The System submits these items to IDPH for licensure via email then IDPH will input the data into their database and generate an email to the EMD applicant with payment instructions and a PIN to pay their initial license fee. Once the fee is paid the license will be mailed to the new EMD.

PER THE IDPH EMS ACT (Section 3.70.a.b) A person my not represent himself/herself as an Emergency Medical Dispatcher unless certified (licensed) by the Illinois Department of Public Health as an Emergency Medical Dispatcher. The Emergency Medical Dispatcher shall use the Illinois Department of Public Health-approved Emergency Medical Dispatcher priority reference system protocol selected for use by his/her agency and approved by the EMS Medical Director. Prearrival support instructions shall be provided in accordance with the EMDPRS established by the EMS Medical Director of the EMS System in which the EMD operates. The EMD shall provide prearrival instructions in compliance with protocols selected and approved by the System’s Medical Director and approved by the Illinois Department of Public Health.
An EMD is considered certified/licensed once their license is in hand.

EMDs in Illinois require a minimum 48 hours of CME every four years in order to recertify. IDPH leaves the breakdown of those hours up to the local EMS systems. Please review the SCEMSS EMD POLICY with included RENEWAL SUMMARY.

The required 48 CE hours may include, but are not limited to the following options:
– ONLINE MOODLE EMD CE: 2.5 hours per completed Powerpoint and Quiz on Moodle (see link below for Moodle site)
– Agency EMD Training: hr/hr per IDPH sitecode
– Will County Target/Vector Solutions EMD Training: hr/hr per IDPH sitecode
– Emergency Preparedness training (signed CE sheet) hr/hr per IDPH sitecode
– NIMS 100, 200, 300, 400, 700, and 800 classes: 3 hours each w/printed certificate
– Health Related College Courses: 1 college credit hour=8 CE hours w/transcrcript)
– EMS related Conferences or Seminars (copy of certificate) hr/hr per IDPH sitecode
– Online CE: APCO or Powerphone CE (certificate) hr/hr
www.policelegalsciences.com (certificate) 1 hr each only
– Other IDPH Approved Locally Offered CE (Certificate) hr/hr per IDPH sitecode
– Auditing an EMD, EMT or Paramedic class (signed CE sheet) topics must be level appropriate.
– EMD’s who also hold licenses as Paramedics or EMT-B’s may use those CE hours toward their EMD license renewal.
– A current CPR card taught per AHA guidelines is worth 3.0 CE hours.

ALL CE MUST BE REPORTED TO THE SYSTEM AT TIME OF RENEWAL on this System approved blank EMD CE LOG SHEET or an approved EMD Center CE tracking print out such as Target Solutions. In order to assure that EMDs are on track for renewal, agency coordinators will review their EMD’s CE every 2 years to verify that at least 24 of the 48 required hours are complete (including optional flip-chart review and required CPR recerts). When recertification time arrives, your agency coordinator will sign your CE log sheet and ensure it as well as your current CPR card and your IDPH child support statement renewal notice form are submitted to the SCEMSS Operations Coordinator for processing AT LEAST 30 DAYS PRIOR TO RENEWAL.

Silver Cross EMS Moodle site: http://moodle.silvercrossems.com/

New to SCEMSS and MOODLE? Click the above link and follow the directions below or on the home page of our Moodle site to create your account.

  • Once you’ve clicked the above link and the log-in button on that site.
  • Click on the create new user button (lower right side of page).
  • Make your username first initial middle initial and last name.
  • Example John C Doe would be jcdoe.
  • Use an email that you plan to keep for a long time (example gmail).
  • Make your password something easy you will remember.
  • Choose your primary Silver Cross EMD agency from the drop down.
  • Use your 9-digit State EMS license number in the license number field.
  • Once you are registered make sure you ENROLL in the EMD CE and complete only the EMD CE unless you also hold another EMS license such as EMT or Paramedic.