This page is designed to assist our EMS Personnel and their Agency Coordinators with provider LICENSURE and RENEWAL.

IDPH has an online EMS license verification site that may be accessed by anyone to verify individual provider and ambulance EMS licenses: IDPH online EMS license verification link.

IDPH has their own website. The IDPH WEBSITE must be used to access IDPH information and forms for licensing and renewals. IDPH will not accept old forms so be sure you are using the most current forms from this site.

If you successfully completed the Illinois State Licensing Exam through CTS/PSI remember you still have to pay for your State of Illinois EMS license before it will processed and you can begin working as such. Once you pass the exam, the exam data has to be sent electronically to IDPH who has to generate your licensure instruction letter with a PIN # instructing you to either mail or log into IDPH online to pay your fee so your license will print. Once you have your PIN and have received the okay from IDPH: IDPH Fee Payment.

The LICENSURE FEES are listed below and are based on the level of licensure you seek and whether it is an initial license fee, renewal fee, or duplicate license fee.

State Exam Fee Initial License Fee Relicensure Fee
EMT $20 $45 $20
AEMT/EMT-I $30 $45 $30
Paramedic $40 $60 $40
EMR NA $55 $20
EMD NA $30 $20
ECRN NA $55 $20
PHRN $40 $30 $20
LI NA $40 $20


If you successfully completed the National Registry Exam and want an Illinois license, you must wait until you receive your NREMT card in the mail to apply for an IL license. Once you have your NREMT card and pass letter bring it to the EMS office where you took your class with the following…
2. IDPH Renewal Notice Blank Form
3. Copy of NREMT card and pass result letter
4. Copy of current CPR Card
5. Money order or cashiers check payable to IDPH for the amount listed below. The LICENSURE FEES listed above are based on the level of licensure you are applying for.

If you successfully completed an IDPH approved, System taught EMR, EMD, PHRN, or ECRN course and want an Illinois license, you will need to follow the instructions given to you at the end of your class by your Lead Instructor. The EMS Operations Coordinator processes all licensures for the System and will need, at a minimum, the following…
1. Completed licensure paperwork filled out in class, which may include:
2. IDPH Renewal Notice Blank Form
3. Copy of current CPR Card
4. Money order or cashiers check payable to IDPH for the amount listed above. The LICENSURE FEES listed above are based on the level of licensure you are applying for.

SCEMSS requires the following CE hours to renew:
– A miminum of 100 hours every 4 years for Paramedic and PHRN
– A minimum of 80 hours every 4 years for EMT-I/A-EMT
– A minimum of 60 hours every 4 years for EMT
– A minimum of 24 hours every 4 years for EMR
– A minimum of 48 hours every 4 years for EMD
– A minimum of 40 hours every 4 years for LI

Important facts to remember when it comes to relicensure:
1.  ALWAYS ensure your EMS System has your current mailing address and email.
2.  ALWAYS keep copies of your CE for your own records. (As it is ultimately your responsibility.)
3.  ALWAYS obtain details of classes, such as topics covered, IDPH site codes and signatures.
4.  NEVER wait till the last minute. Check your CE and track your hours throughout the 4 years.

  • IDPH mails out RENEWAL NOTICES with a PIN number 60-90 days prior to renewal. If you do NOT receive this notice, email your EMS System for a copy.
  • Pay your license fee online at the IDPH WEBSITE to avoid delays caused by mailing in check payments
  • When renewing online with IDPH you will be asked to enter OUR “System Number Code” of 0710.
    If Silver Cross is NOT your primary System, find your primary EMS System’s “System Number Code” here: EVERY SYSTEM NUMBER 4-DIGIT CODE IN THE STATE. If asked for your TNS training hospital only fill this out if you’re a Trauma Nurse.
  • Complete the Child Support and Felony conviction statements. Anyone convicted of a felony or delinquent on child support may not be able to complete their renewal online and may need to contact IDPH as directed.

Your IDPH license is a legal document and should match your legal name on your driver’s license. An individual can change their name with IDPH by emailing their EMS System a copy of their marriage license, divorce decree (front page and name change page only), or court order. The System files the appropriate paperwork with IDPH. It costs nothing to change your name unless you want a duplicate license mailed out. See next paragraph.

A duplicate license request may be necessary if your license has been lost or stolen or for a name change. The $10 duplicate license fee to IDPH is only necessary if the individual needs a new copy of their license now. A duplicate license may be requested through this IDPH website link.

If an individual has an EMT/Paramedic license from NREMT or out of State, they may apply for reciprocity to obtain an Illinois license. IDPH handles all reciprocity applications directly. Reciprocity applications may be printed from this IDPH website link.

Forms and Policies relating to CE, Licensing and Renewal

EMT Relicensure Policy (200-5) with CE Recommendations
EMT-I/AEMT Relicensure Policy (200-6) with CE Recommendations
Paramedic/PHRN Relicensure Policy (200-7) with CE Recommendations

PHRN Policy (200-4) See Policy 200-7 for CE Recommendations

ECRNs: Visit the ECRN page

EMR (aka FR) Relicensure Policy (200-18)

Lead Instructor Policy (200-17) (includes licensure info)
Please note:  Illinois has very specific requirements for Lead Instructors with respect to time, experience, and a recommendation from an EMS System.  Please make sure prospective registrants review the Lead Instructor policy BEFORE signing up for the class. IDPH also has strict requirements for renewal that now requires ADDITIONAL/SEPARATE LEAD INSTRUCTOR SPECIFIC CE. Silver Cross Lead Instructors must complete Lead Instructor specific CE on our System’s Moodle CE site, but be sure to reference the chart in the Lead Instructor policy first to determine the number of LI specific CE hours required for YOUR Lead Instructor renewal. The Silver Cross Lead Instructor Moodle CE requires a password that can only be obtained from the Silver Cross EMS System’s Operations Coordinator.

All other Region VII Lead Instructors should visit the
Region VII EMS website’s CE Opportunities page
for a list of available Lead Instructor Specific CE. 

EMD Policy (200-19) (includes relicensure info)

Mandatory CE Policy (200-20)

Methods of CE Submission Policy (200-8)
Acceptable CE and Validation Standards Policy (200-16)
Blank CME Form (Log Sheet) CE Sheet to log hours
Training Program Application Form (Site-Code request)

For other less commonly used IDPH forms visit the IDPH WEBSITE. Please review the System policy before applying as these requests have strict guidelines.
IDPH Extension Request Application – Used for a one-time 6 month license extension
IDPH Inactive Request – Used to place license on temporary Inactive status within same license period
IDPH Reactivation Request – Only used if license has expired 3-36 months & seeking to reactivate

INDEPENDENT PROVIDERS (not actively with an EMS System) may access renewal information at:
IDPH Independent Renewal Application for INDEPENDENTS
For more information as an Independent contact IDPH at 217-785-2080 to obtain your IDPH Regional Coordinator’s contact information.

For more information regarding licensure or renewal in the Silver Cross EMS System, please contact the SCEMSS Operations Coordinator for assistance.