Moodle CE Program

This page contains information about the System’s CE Program, for SCEMSS EMS Personnel that are currently in the Silver Cross EMS System and actively employed by one our departments. Our CE program is mandatory for all IN-SYSTEM EMS personnel regardless if they are primary or secondary in our EMS System.

SCEMSS utilizes “MOODLE” (an internet based program) to provide CE to its System members. Each month SCEMSS EMS Personnel MUST log-in to  view a Powerpoint presentation and successfully complete a competency quiz.  SEE POLICY 200-20 regarding the System’s policy on non-compliance with our MANDATORY CE program.

Moodle is used not only as a way for our EMS Personnel to complete the System’s MANDATORY CE, but also as a way for the System to rollout mandatory System updates like the SMO updates or new equipment updates that apply to every EMS Personnel functioning in our System.

  • Please note that our Moodle CE program is for IN-SYSTEM EMS personnel only. No one outside the System may use SCEMSS Moodle CE.
  • In-System EMS personnel receive specific directions on how to access their moodle account on via email when they join the System.
  • 80% remains the minimum passing score for all SCEMSS tests and quizzes.
  • Once the PowerPoint presentation has been viewed the quiz will open and remain open.
  • Any EMS personnel NOT completing the quizzes monthly can and will be removed from the System WITHOUT PRIOR NOTICE!!!
  • Only complete the quiz for the level to which you are licensed. NEVER COMPLETE BOTH! EMRs and EMTs should only complete the BLS quizzes; and Paramedics, PHRNs, and ECRNs should only complete the ALS quizzes.
  • TO PRINT YOUR MOODLE GRADE SHEET, log in then click on the SCEMSS Monthly CE. Next scroll toward the bottom of the page and click GRADES on the lower left. Next hit the Ctrl and the letter P keys at the same time on your keyboard to print the page. You can also right-click somewhere on the grades list and click on “print preview” to preview the grades first before printing. This will print a page that shows your grades inside the box and the list of site codes and hours on the left side of the page. Use this for submitting CE to other EMS Systems.

SCEMSS Moodle CE link:

If you cannot find your System entry email with instructions on creating your moodle account, please first check your deleted email folder, then check with your department EMS Coordinator as they are copied on the entry email. If you still cannot locate it then email for a duplicate copy.

Moodle questions should be emailed to