Paramedic and EMT Class

This page contains information about the Silver Cross EMS System’s EMT and Paramedic Education Program.

The Silver Cross EMS System education programs, including Paramedic and EMT-B, are currently inactive due to the emerging COVID-19 pandemic.

Our next program will begin in January of 2021 and the application is now available. Click here for the 2021 Winter Paramedic Education Program Application.

Anyone looking to hold a class (EMT, EMD, CE, etc) must first request permission from their EMS System utilizing the IDPH form titled EMS TRAINING PROGRAM APPLICATION. Send the completed form to for review and submission to IDPH.  IDPH will award a “site code” if approved.

Silver Cross offers EMT courses prior to each of our Paramedic Classes as System agency needs arise.  The FALL 2019 EMT Class ran from August 20, 2019 through November 1, 2019. The Winter 2020 class runs January 6 – April 22, 2020. If we decide to hold a Fall 2020 EMT class it will be posted here in August 2020.

Recent graduates of the SCEMSS Paramedic program (that have not yet worked as a Paramedic) should contact their Paramedic Class Instructor for graduate letters of good standing, when needed to join another System for employment with one of those System’s departments. Remember graduates are not automatically in-System even if they’ve taken the SMO exam at the end of class. A graduate must obtain their paramedic license and follow a System entry process for whichever System they plan to work in.

Our Winter 2020 Paramedic Class began January 6, 2020. The application period for this class has closed. FOR REFERENCE ONLY, you may view a sample copy of the application here:  WINTER 2020 PARAMEDIC COURSE APPLICATION

Our Summer 2019 Paramedic Class began July 1, 2019 and is currently in the process of testing with NR. Remember to visit the licensure page for licensing instructions once you’ve passed the NR exam.

Remember to follow these Instructions for registering for the State of Illinois Paramedic Exam. Once your Paramedic licenses are in hand, contact your EMS Coordinator at your department/agency for System Entry instructions as you are not automatically in the System upon graduation. Each System has a unique system entry process.

Our Paramedic program is structured to include the required educational components of Paramedic licensing examinations for both the State of Illinois and the National Registry of EMT’s.  Each paramedic course is structured into 2 increments of didactic and clinical for the first six months, then field time for the remaining time. Class meets on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 9am-1pm in our SCEMSS Education Center located on the Hospital’s grounds in New Lenox in a separate building called the Business Center just North of the ER. The SCEMSS Education Center Classroom address is 710 Cedar Crossings Drive, New Lenox, IL 60451. The first six months covers lectures, skill sessions, and practical assessments.  In addition to being in the classroom, students are expected to complete clinical rotations at various locations, which they may schedule independently.  Once the didactic and clinical components have been satisfied, the student will begin an approximate 4 month field internship working as a member of an EMS team in an ambulance setting, treating real patients under the preceptorship of a licensed and approved paramedic.  When the field internship is complete the student becomes eligible for licensure and may register for examination.

Silver Cross EMS Paramedic Education Program ~ Attend Lectures for CE 

You may attend our paramedic class lectures for Continuing Education hours.  Class times are 9am-1pm Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Email the Education Coordinator or Bill Kallal at for a current class schedule prior to attending. You will also need to PRINT THIS BLANK CE SHEET and bring with you for the Instructor to sign as verification of your attendance and CE hours.

Paramedic and EMT Class questions not addressed on this page: contact Bill Kallal at 815-300-7425 or