Region 7 SMOs

This page contains information about our Region VII EMS Standing Medical Orders (SMOs) including study guides to prepare for the exams.


2016 ALS SMO Study Guide

2016 BLS/ILS SMO Study Guide

Every Region 7 EMT, EMT-I, Paramedic, PHRN, and ECRN was required to complete the 2016 SMO update exam by 5-1-16.

ALL new EMS PERSONNEL joining a region 7 System must complete the 2016 SMO update EXAM before working for a Region 7 System agency, department or hospital.
paramedics/phrns will complete this exam at the time of their system entry appointment.
EMTs will complete the exam with their agency ems coordinator.
ecrns joining the system should create a moodle account and complete the april 2016 als smo exam with an 80% or above.

Visit the Moodle CE page for more information on the System’s CE Moodle site and for the link to access the Silver Cross Moodle site.