Region 7 SMOs

This page contains information about our Region VII EMS Standing Medical Orders (SMOs) including study guides to prepare for the exams. The recently revised SMOs are effective March 1, 2022.

2022 Region 7 SMO’s in effect 3/1/2022

Below are the new Region 7 SMOs (effective 3/1/22) and study guides to help you prepare for the region-wide SMO update exams to be completed in February 2022. Please ensure you follow your individual EMS System’s instructions for completing all preparatory study guides, educational PowerPoints and competency exams as we roll out the new SMOs.

2022 Region 7 ALS-ILS-BLS SMOs

2022 Region 7  ALS SMO Study Guide

2022 Region 7 BLS SMO Study Guide

Every Region 7 EMT, EMT-I, Paramedic, PHRN, and ECRN was required to complete the 2022 SMO update exam by 3/1/2022.

Every new provider coming into one of the Region VII Systems must also successfully complete the 2022 SMO exam before working with a Region VII System Agency. Each of the System’s in Region 7 are rolling out the SMOs at the same time but may require additional modules for System specific education.

  • Paramedics/PHRNs will complete this exam at the time of their system entry appointment.
  • EMTs will complete the exam with their agency EMS Coordinator upon hire.
  • ECRNs joining the system should create a moodle account and complete the REGION 7 ALS SMO EXAM – FEBRUARY 2022 with an 80% or above.

Visit the Moodle CE page for more information on the System’s CE Moodle site and for the link to access the Silver Cross Moodle site. Please refer to your System Entry instructional email for your Moodle account information.

Here are some videos to assist with the 2022 SMO education:

A Push For Push Dose Epinephrine | JEMS – YouTube

Epi Ampule Training – YouTube

RACE Scale – YouTube

Spinal Motion Restriction – YouTube

2016 SCEMSS FR/EMR SMOs are in revision