System Entry

This page is designed to assist our EMS personnel and their agency EMS coordinators with entry into the Silver Cross EMS System. If you need to change your primary/secondary System designation, see the bottom of this page.

All EMS personnel (EMRs, EMTs, EMT-Is, Paramedics, and PHRNs) who are operating on Silver Cross EMS System vehicles must be members of the Silver Cross EMS System. EMS personnel are not allowed to function in any EMS capacity with a Silver Cross agency or on a Silver Cross vehicle without being in System and receiving authorization from the System office. Once the System entrance process is complete EMS personnel will receive a 4-digit system number as authorization to work in SCEMSS. All EMS personnel within SCEMSS are required to complete our MANDATORY CE program – Moodle as stated in Policy 200-20.  SCEMSS EMS personnel must be familiar with this policy.

Please note that EMS personnel must possess a current and valid State of Illinois EMR, EMT, EMT-I, Paramedic, or PHRN license in order to function in any EMS capacity within the State of Illinois. National Registry certifications ALONE are NOT sufficient. For information on the reciprocity process of turning your NR certification into an Illinois license, visit our LICENSURE page.

EMS personnel who wish to join the Silver Cross EMS System should contact the EMS Coordinator of the Silver Cross EMS agency/FD they are becoming employed by. That agency EMS Coordinator will then file the appropriate System entry paperwork with the System office.

  • All checklist attachments (licenses, cards, certs) must be legible and readable.
  • Checklist forms must be signed by both the Agency Coordinator AND the entry applicant.
  • Checklist w/attachments 1-3 must be into the Operations Coordinator at least 1 week prior to the desired entry test date and must state the desired entry test date. See test date information below under ALS PERSONNEL
  • The Agency Coordinator should cc the applicant when submitting the appropriate entry paperwork to ensure the email listed is correct .
  • Good Standing letters MUST be requested prior to ALS System Entry date. Everyone is required to submit a letter of good standing even if you are a recent graduate.
  • EMS personnel MUST NOT work in SCEMSS without an active/current System #.
  • Agency EMS Coordinators MUST email the System for verification when hiring someone that says they are already in our System.

EMS personnel joining SCEMSS must successfully complete the CURRENT Region 7 SMO test for their level of licensure. Please use the study guide and Powerpoint on the REGION SMOs page to prepare for the SMO test.

BLS personnel are required to complete the BLS SMO test for entry into SCEMSS. Every Coordinator has received the BLS SMO exam to test their EMS personnel prior to submitting system entry paperwork to the System. If you are a new agency EMS Coordinator and do not have the BLS SMO, contact Operations Coordinator.

ALS personnel are required to complete the current ALS SMO test as well as medical math, rhythms, and megacode testing for entry into SCEMSS. If a System entry applicant has already successfully completed the current Region 7 ALS SMO exam through their other System they need to request that the score be included in their good standing letter. If not, they will need to successfully complete it at their System entry test date. System Entry testing is held in the EMS Classroom (see map/directions page), unless otherwise noted at time of sign-up. ALL ENTRY PAPERWORK MUST BE IN THE EMS OFFICE 1 WEEK PRIOR TO YOUR SYSTEM ENTRY TEST DATE! System entry dates are the first and third Tuesday of every month at 1:30pm unless otherwise noted at time of sign-up in your confirmation email. An applicant may only attend if they have received the confirmation email from the System Operations Coordinator.

System Entry forms must be signed by the Agency EMS Coordinator and all attachments must be legible, clear, and readable:

EMR and EMT System Entry Policy 200-2
EMT and EMR System Entry Agency Form Letter REVISED 3/2022

Paramedic, EMT-I, PHRN System Entry Policy 200-3
Paramedic, EMT-I, PHRN System Entry Checklist REVISED 3/2021

ALS Entry applicants: use these materials to prepare for testing:
Medical Math Study Guide
Medical Math YouTube Videos
Rhythm Strip Identification Study Guide
Other equipment and procedures to look over
**Study our Region 7 SMOs prior to testing (especially CARDIAC).** Know the correct Region 7 medications to give for every rhythm! Refer to the REGION SMOs page for the full set of Region 7 SMO protocols and the SMO study guide. 

EMS personnel who wish to CHANGE their primary EMS SYSTEM status must do so by emailing the Operations Coordinator Your agency EMS Coordinator CANNOT make this change for you.

  1. This letter must come directly from you (the EMR/EMT/EMT-I/Paramedic/PHRN) include a return phone number in case of questions, and state the System names of the Systems you are changing to primary, and to secondary.
  2. If switching into a System other than Silver Cross as your primary you must state if you plan to stay with Silver Cross and if so with which one of our departments.
  3. If switching to Silver Cross as your primary then you must also include copies of your CE from your previous System. CE coming from other Systems must meet every requirement in Policy 200-8 in order to be counted. CE WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED UNLESS IT MEETS 200-8 REQUIREMENTS. Keep copies of all CE for your own records as well.